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3 Fantastic Reasons To Become An Esthetician in 2021!

Estheticians enjoy a number of career perks. As skin care professionals, they get to serve their clients by improving their appearance and their self-esteem. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook predicts a “much faster than average” rate of change in job outlook for skincare specialists through 2029. In addition to being an in-demand career, here are 3 reasons why you should consider becoming an esthetician.

Be a valued expert for your clients:

An esthetician who continually expands their skillset and stretches their level of professional development will be valuable to their clients. Dedicated estheticians are often the first to know about new products and the latest trends in skincare. By bringing their specialized knowledge to their clients, estheticians become important advisors for their client’s health and beauty needs. In your career, you will meet and interact with clients of different ages and with different skin conditions. With a solid grasp of your profession, you will be able to serve your clients’ personal needs.

Help people look and feel better:

Helping people look and feel better about themselves is one of the greatest rewards for an esthetician. Your clients will suffer from a range of skin issues including acne and skin sensitivity. Some clients may be self-conscious about their skin issues. A skilled esthetician will recommend a treatment regimen that will give their clients beautiful, healthier looking skin and a boost in confidence.

Opportunity to work in different environments:

A skilled esthetician can find employment in health or beauty spas as well as salons or resorts. While working hours for an esthetician may often be determined by the hours of their employer, many estheticians are able to set their own schedule. In fact, an esthetician can opt to open their own business and set their business hours according to when they want to work. Not only will you have different work environments to choose from, as an esthetician you will also have your choice of locations where you can live and maintain a career doing what you love. No matter where you choose to live and work, there will be potential clients who need skincare.


A career as an esthetician begins long before you treat your first client. It begins when you choose an esthetician school that gives you opportunities to learn not only about skin care, but also about customer service. At Academy Of Salon and Spa you will get the chance to gain these skills and so much more. Take to first step toward your new career and contact us today!

Written By Lance Montgomery

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